Session 23: Marketing A House for Real Estate

Season #1

Welcome back to Brilliant Talks, our free coaching program for real estate agents! Today, we talk about real estate marketing. More specifically, how to get your clients ready for a slower market now that it has changed.

At this point, we are all probably aware that this is not a crash but just a housing price correction. Depending on where the economy is headed, we might experience a bigger dip than what we are seeing now.

But it is up to us agents to make sure that our clients understand (1) what the current status of the market is, and (2) what specific steps we are going to take to ensure that they still get the best deal despite the market shift in real estate.

Remember: In a market that has slowed down, it is up to us as real estate agents to get creative in finding solutions that suit our clients’ needs best.

Follow along with our coaching call in the video for some tips we use that have worked for us, and if you find it helpful, leave a like and subscribe to the channel. Also, feel free to leave your suggestions and questions in the comments section.

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