Transformational coaching for all levels - no matter where you are in your business.

 We have the map to show you the route.


At A Brilliant Tribe, our coaches  are invested in you and your success. We go deeply into the intricacies of your business, ask the tough questions to solve the weaknesses you've identified, and hold you responsible in order to improve. Our strategy yields solutions that will help you reach your goals.


This is for (new(er) real estate agents that have been in the business less than 2 years or agents that are getting back in the business after many years out. Become a Pathfinder and focus on core training: listings, sales, open houses, and  lead generation/follow-up/conversion. You will also learn to prepare your business for growth and scaling before moving up to your next tier.  

 Suggested: 0 - 20 transactions and/or less than 50k a year.

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Are you an agent that is ready to grow and scale your business - whether you want to be a high-level solo agent or lay the foundation for a successful team. We will focus on hiring administrative staff to help support the lead agent, lead generation systems that are centered around ISA teams, referrals, online leads, growth/scaling, team building -  starting with buyers agents.  

Suggested: 20 - 50 transactions and/or 50 - 150k

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A Trailblazer is a Team Leader or Broker who is currently managing a team or wants to start a team. Focused strictly on team building coaching with an emphasis on  hiring, maintaining, and firing staff, and intensive business planning including laying the groundwork for multiple streams of income. 

Suggested:  50 - 70  transactions and/or over 150k

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